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The therapeutic use of catalytic trace elements
Combines Swiss science and expertise with nature

Why do we need catalytic trace elements for our health?
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Why is global oligotherapy so important – the science behind the product
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Catalytic trace elements are vitally important for our health.

Without them, in their correct form, our cells do not work correctly and malfunctioning cells lead to degeneration and disease.

The metabolism of cells cannot be reduced to a single reaction that is independent from the rest of the body.

There is a general tendency today to take trace elements singularly and randomly, based on the principal that if there is a deficiency then it must be replaced - a very one dimensional approach to a complex process.

Highly complex functions such as digestion, immunity, nervous and endocrine systems cannot be re-established by taking just one or two elements. Trace Elements are reactive and as such should be treated with the necessary respect and caution.  The prescription for trace elements must therefore always be poly-oligotherapeutic.

Regarded as the pioneers in their field, Laboratoires Bioligo, Switzerland have developed a poly-oligotherapeutic range of products -

GLOBAL OLIGOTHERAPY  - synergy matched trace element complexes - based on a 100 years of medical experience and 45 years of scientific research. 

Together with their research centre, CRAO (Centre de Recherché et d’Applications sur les Oligoelements), Bioligo have perfected and developed a patented manufacturing process that guarantees the trace elements used in the complexes are in their optimum form for their most effective absorption into the blood stream and cells.

The Institute of Oligotherapy has been the UK office for Laboratoires Bioligo and the CRAO Centre for over 24 successful years, bringing Swiss expertise and excellence to the UK.


"My patients always response positively to Oligotherapy."
Cath Robertson, Homeopath and Bowen Practitioner
"The difference that Oligotherapy has made to my clients – including my practice with pregnancy and couples with fertility issues - is significant."
Sophia Smith, Reflexologist, Doula, Spiritual Healer
"Oligotherapy assists in triggering the healing process at a cellular level at the same time as addressing symptoms."
Bradley Whale, Osteopath – Equine and Human
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