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As far back as the sixteenth century, Paracelsus (believed to be the father of modern medicine) pioneered the view that humans must have certain balances of minerals in the body for optimum health

Trace elements are catalysts of the cells of the body. A catalyst is used to facilitate vital biological functions and boost deficient or slowed functions.

Without Trace Elements, in their correct form, the body’s cells cannot absorb other nutrients, which leads to degeneration and disease.

Chemical and electrical processes are occurring in our body constantly and continually.  These processes can only function correctly if the correct balance of trace elements is being supplied continually to our cells in a form that ensures

  • Their absorption into the cells
  • That absorption is rapid
  • That form does not put the functioning of the cells out of balance which could lead to disease




Trace elements, normally obtained from our diet, are responsible for keeping the body healthy.  Equally, if we become ill, they can re-establish health. In this case, they can be considered as therapeutic and regarded as medicinal foods or dietary medicines.

But, there are several factors that impede their absorption from the diet.

They become deficient when the burden for their use causes them to be used faster than they are being absorbed. The following are examples which contribute to depletion:

  • Pollution
  • Chelating substances – compounds which we ingest and attach themselves to the trace elements which render the catalytic effect inert
  • Medicines
  • Psychological disorders
  • Noise
  • Negative emotions
  • Rhythm of life out of balance, e.g. sleep
  • Diet
  • Change of seasons
  • Too little or too much exercise
  • Incorrect use of herbal medicines or food supplements.


Ideally, if we have a varied and good quality diet, we should be able to obtain all our nutritionally requirements from food.  However, trace elements are very reactive, which means that during the complicated process of digestion, they can become attached to other chemicals and not find their way to the specific cells that need them.  Equally, if the digestive system is not working efficiently,  the assimilation and or speed of assimilation through the digestive tract will be impeded.


Another important factor for the efficient absorption of Trace Elements is that they are very reactive and, unless they are in the correct form, they could put other minerals in the body out of balance which leads to the malfunction of cells,  degeneration,  and disease.  That is why Bioligo have perfected the synergy in their Global Oligotherapy trace element complexes

Trace elements sometimes act as antagonists to each other.  This is a basic chemical reaction.  So it is important when taking trace elements that they are taken in the correct synergy and balance.  Below are just a few examples of minerals and trace elements being out of balances and the possible health consequences.

Minerals and trace elements Consequence of imbalance
Calcium/copper anaemia, arthritis
Calcium/zinc arterio­sclerosis, diabetes, delayed scarring, sterility, impotence
Iron/manganese diabetes, hypoglycemia
Zinc/copper anaemia, hypothyroidism/hyperthyoidism, risk of cardiovascular disease. degenerative diseases, arteriosclerosis, hypoglycemia, diabetes, delayed scarring, sterility, mood swings
Calcium/cadmium disturbance of the metabolism of calcium in the bones and the immune system
Calcium/copper disorders of the neuro­psychological system, degenerative diseases
Calcium/iron disturbance of the metabolism of calcium
Calcium/manganese diabetes
Calcium/phosphorus disturbances of the metabolism of calcium, increased requirement for vitamin C
Calcium/zinc osteoporosis
Zinc/iron delayed scarring, white patches on the nails, anaemia
Zinc/magnesium arthritis, diabetes, argeusia (loss of taste)
Zinc/manganese arteriosclerosis, diabetes, sterility, impotence and prostatitis


As far back as the 16th Century, Paracelsus pioneered the view that humans must have certain balances of minerals in their body to maintain health. 

Laboratoires Bioligo and CRAO (Centre de Recherché et d’Applications sur les Oligoelements) over the last 45 years have pioneered and continued on from the work of several French doctors as outlined below:

1895  Gabriel Bertrand (France) maintains that trace elements are vital for all living cells.

1900’s Dr J Sutter (France) student of Brown Sequard, (the father of endocrinology)) establishes a medication based on glandular extracts and ionized trace elements in small doses.   Manganese and copper were prescribed successfully for arthritis and tuberculosis.

1919   A report published by Dr Guilly, a surgeon on the battlefields in the first world war, who applied Dr Sutter’s methods of trace element therapy, recorded sensational results on wounds and infections.

1932   As head of an important private clinic, Dr Sutter worked with 20 trace element prescriptions which were manufactured under the direction of a first class french chemist.  His medications were registered with Laboratoire Nationale du Controle Pharmaceutique and were readily accepted by doctors and patients alike.

1946   Dr Menetrier progresses the work of Dr Sutter and goes on to establish trace elements not only attack the symptoms but also strengthens the background condition (diathesis) of the body.   He further developed the association of different trace elements with different diatheses: MANGANESE - arthritic-allergic; MANGANESE COBALT - dystonic, COPPER - anergic.  

1958   Dr Picard, a student of Dr Menetrier, famous for using trace element therapy for rheumatic and arthritic problems, treating 50,000 patients from  1958 to 1978, undertook successful clinical trials during this period.

1980   Michel Deville, Founder-Director, Centre de Recherches et d’Applications sur les Oligolements, Switzerland, creates a simplified system for Dr Picard and progresses the background conditions to include four background conditions plus an additional diathesis for the endocrine system.

1982 -   The CRAO undertake trials and research covering human, plant and animal disorders.     They develop the therapy from classical catalytic trace element therapy to the modern global trace element complexes.  The Centre has also pioneered the use of catalytic trace elements and obtained recognition and registration for their use in pharmacology, cosmetics and agricultural products in Switzerland.



Laboratoires Bioligo guarantees premium quality of their products.  Their responsible manufacturing processes, starting with rigorous controls of raw materials to the final products, qualifies them in Switzerland as a GMP Certified laboratory.   Their products are not tested on animals, are free from corn, wheat, soy, egg, shellfish, nuts and GMO ingredients, and  manufactured in a plant that has no contact with these substances.