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02 Jan 2018
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Most people over-indulge during the Christmas period - which could be the whole month of December for some people - and it appears that the typical calorie intake jumps from an average 2000-2500 to 6,000 on Christmas day, which could take approximately 12hrs of jogging to burn off!

It's not surprising when you wake up on January 2nd, possibly faced with the first day back at work, feeling the negative effects on your body and mind from this cumulative overindulgence, to have a knee-jerk reaction and think ‘DETOX’. The media also adds fuel to the fire by offering a multitude of suggestions on the latest detoxing programmes, which can sometimes include the bizarre and the downright unhealthy, but almost always includes a radical reduction in food intake.

So what is the problem with detoxing?

By following a detox programme that reduces your calorific intake and/or includes taking supplements, juices, or herbs to stimulate excretion, your body will start to rapidly release toxins from the cells into the bloodstream for the overworked elimination organs to process. This results in most of those toxins not being eliminated and being absorbed once again by other cells. So a detox programme that is too extreme for your individual body, might in fact do the very opposite to what you are expecting.

Another important fact to consider is that January is not the best time to try to detox or lose weight. With the longer nights, shorter daylight hours and colder weather our bodies are focusing on conserving calories rather than burning them quickly. In fact, the best time to think about losing weight and eliminating toxins is spring when the rhythm of our bodies is in more in tune with releasing and renewing.

To actively detox infers that unless you take extreme measures, your body is otherwise incapable of eliminating toxins that block the healthy functioning of the body, through the normal elimination pathways - digestion, lungs, skin - THIS IS NOT TRUE.

The systems of the body are quite capable of eliminating toxins if, and I say ONLY if, the cells of those systems are functioning correctly. So rather than looking at a solution that offers extreme measures, we need to be looking at a more intelligent approach and asking:

What do the cells of the body need to work efficiently to allow for the natural detoxification process to take place?

The cells of the elimination organs need to be supported during times of overload – overeating/drinking, stress, illness - to function correctly.

The most important catalysts for this process is catalytic trace elements in their correct form and quantity. The Bioligo complex *Precious Solution, which contains:

Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Lithium Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, Sulphur, Iron, Nickel, Calcium, Phosphorus, Chromium, Vanadium, Iodine, Gold, Silver

provides all the trace elements in the exact form - ionised and dynamised - and quantity for their fast absorption - they are absorbed under the tongue where they enter the bloodstream immediately and enter the cells.

As well as supporting the organs of elimination, this Precious Solution also supports the immune system and nervous system, which can become dysregulated by alcohol and sugar - possibly the two worst culprits from the Christmas period. The effects of this dysregulation can make you feel tired, depressed and susceptible to seasonal colds and flus. Even in moderate amounts alcohol and sugar can cause your cells to become resistant to insulin, which means that the excess sugar consumed is quickly converted to fat.

Therefore sugar and alcohol should be removed or radically reduced and replaced with an eating regime that includes a balanced combination of protein, vegetables, complex carbs and fruit. Vegans have to pay particular attention to ensure they receive the correct balance of nutrients and for those people who are attempting Veganuary I suggest they consult with a  nutritionist specialising in Vegan dietary programmes.

New exercise programmes are another feature of the New Year detox. But, if you throw yourself into exercise programme that is too extreme for you as an individual, you could over produce the stress hormone cortisol which will disrupt your blood sugar levels as well as lower your immune system and interfere with the healthy functioning of the nervous system.

The Institute of Oligotherapy promotes individual balanced health programmes with the emphasis on preventative health. We suggest the following formula for your intelligent January regime:

  1. Bioligo Precious Solution - 2/3 doses per day Product Order Link 
  2. The correct food regime for your output, gender and background condition (advised by the Institute or a recognised health professional)
  3. The correct exercise plan for your gender, age and fitness level (advised by the Institute or a recognised professional)

Why not use this January as an opportunity to develop an intelligent, balanced health plan that is manageable and easy to maintain for the whole year, which still allows you to enjoy those treats on special occasions.

Find out how your Trace Element status could be affecting your health here 

Wishing you all a healthy and productive January


*Every Swiss franc obtained from the sale of the Precious Solution is donated to the Bioligo Charity in Tibet that trains doctors to treat people less able to afford medical treatment.