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09 Dec 2020
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Every year I am frequently asked about my view on the flu vaccine. This year that enquiry is more acute because of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Looking at the subject logically and from both sides of the debate, this is my opinion.

As a natural health practitioner, I believe that we should hold regular audits on our health throughout the year to ensure that our bodies are functioning at optimum level, which will of course be different for everybody. If we have a healthy immune system, then we can cope more effectively with any virus or bacterial infection.

I, like many professional natural health practitioners, regularly evaluate my clients’ health and make the necessary recommendations about remedies and lifestyle to ensure optimum health, and this approach applies whether or not you decide to vaccinate.   

The debate about the safety and the efficacy of vaccinations has been continuing for decades and I invariably give the same advice: if you decide to be vaccinated, you can also support your body intelligently with natural remedies. Any chemical agent introduced into the body is going to provoke a reaction to a lesser or greater degree, so it makes sense to prepare your body for this intelligently. Oligotherapy offers such a protocol.

Equally, if you choose not to vaccinate you should ensure that you have an effective natural health programme in place to support your immune system so that it can function efficiently. A practitioner of natural therapies who is qualified to assess all facets of your health and lifestyle should only give such advice. Taking advice about natural remedies, food supplements, and vitamins from anyone other than a professional practitioner can be a dangerous game to play. You are an individual and therefore your response to such remedies is not guaranteed or predictable. For example, If you are taking any form of medication - even the contraceptive pill or HRT - natural products can interfere or interact with the functioning of both the medication and the natural remedy. Because a product is natural does not mean that it is safe to be used randomly.

So my answer to the vaccination question is: the decision is yours, but whatever route you choose Oligotherapy Complex No. 14 and the Sirop range of product can provide an effictive, safe and intelligent  support for both options

In addition to Oligotherapy supporting your immune system, if you think that you have been exposed to any heavy metal adjuvant that might be in a vaccine, Oligotherapy offers a specific complex of trace elements to deal with that efficiently. The removal of heavy metals from the body must be tackled judiciously.  It is not just a case of liberating them from the cells into the bloodstream; they are highly reactive and once back in the bloodstream they can quickly enter new cells in the body and cause further blockages. Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminium should therefore be removed from the bloodstream quickly and efficiently through the body’s elimination pathways. The Oligotherapy complex No. 9 removes the heavy metals efficiently and safely from the cells whilst supporting their total excretion from the body.